Sunday, February 27, 2011

And Baby Makes Three...

I had a lot of fun meeting up with this sweet couple for their maternity photos in Downtown Vancouver. They are so excited and happy to be parents! I really love their outfits too! I wish skinny jeans and tall boots had been in style when I was pregnant! I get to meet their little guy for a newborn session soon too and can hardly wait. I had a great time on a chilly but beautiful winter morning.

Enjoy your sneak peek and feel free to share these photos. Your CD will be in the mail soon!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Little Hunter ~ 3 Weeks-ish :)

Mr. Hunter made an early appearance... it's still not quite his due date even though he's almost a month old! Even still, he is a STRONG little guy! This little 6 pounder put up quite the struggle about some of the poses I tried to put him in, but finally after a big lunch and a couple of pees and poos, he drifted off to dreamland and did such a great job of being sleepy :) I love his hair... his sweet little face and his SHARP eyes. Oh man, he was looking around at everything. Just a tiny little perfect boy :)

Sometimes I wonder which baby it will be who will make me decide I need #3 :) That person will definitely get some kind of photo credit. Anyway, on to the good stuff! All of my favorites!

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This one's my favorite...

My personal goal has been to try to find inspiration in new things, so when I was brainstorming the session this morning and saw this ceramic planter out on the back deck I (ok, ok, the Hubs) emptied and cleaned it for me to use. I'm SO GLAD I did! 

No this one! This one's definitely my favorite!

No this one! See what I mean?

Going with kindof a Southwestern theme, I used a brightly colored cloth to swaddle and a southwestern blanket for accent.

Khloe turns 1!

I met this little cutie when she was just a few days old and then a couple of other times at 3 and 4 months so she had changed A LOT since I last saw her. She is just gorgeous! Pretty blond hair and green eyes and a little angel face :) Khloe is adorable. Happy 1st Birthday sweet girl!

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Kiddos

Almost 3... loves to play dress up in Mommy's closet, play with everyone's hair, and chatter about everything under the sun; especially about how she wants to have a tea party with all of her friends for her birthday. But still not afraid to go outside and dig around in the dirt. Sweet Little Miss Hailey Rose.

10 Months... A crawling, cruising, curious, drooling, drawer slamming, toy throwing, giggling bundle of boy! Sweet happy Joseph :)

~ Sisters ~

These two sisters are so lovely! They are a little under 18 months apart and will have so much fun growing up together, as sisters do :) I LOVE the tutus that their Mommy made... so adorable!

**Feel free to save any of these images to share with family and friends! The only thing I ask is that my logo remain intack. Thanks again and enjoy your sneak peek. A CD will be in the mail shortly!**