Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Miss Larken is 3 {and 3 months}

Rain rain rain... Larken was born a week after my Hailey which means her 3rd birthday was way back in March. Thanks to a seemingly endless amount of rainfall this year we are JUST NOW getting to her 3 Year session. The good news is, I LOVE how these photos turned out. They really show Larken's spunky, fun, outgoing personality mixed with a little feminine flair in her beaded necklace from Auntie Peggy. That's right, Larken's Mom and I share a Best Friend (Peggy) which means our girls share an honorary Auntie... who is never too busy to dress up with them, let them play with her hair and mess with her accessories. Anyway, I'm getting off track: On to the cuteness!

Welcome Baby Langston!

I had the chance to capture sweet Langston Kush last weekend at just over 2 weeks old. He was so sweet, sleepy, and precious! I just love all of his hair and his adorable little expressions. Enjoy your sneak peek... the rest of the edits are nearly done!