Saturday, April 30, 2011

Nana & Family

First I need to apologize for being SO BEHIND with getting this session blogged. I am actually behind schedule across the board but that's a whole different issue that I'm working on fixing!

I just love my friend Elicia and her family, so when her Mom Belinda approached me about doing a shoot for her Mom (also known as Nana by her family) I was thrilled :) We originally planned this in December but the weather had other plans. Then scheduling complicated matters further... finally we were able to get it done on a warm, bright spring day just in time for Mother's Day! We started outside of Nana's house then went inside for a few group shots. That's when the silly hats came out (great idea you guys!) and we had fun with that. I had a feeling that the group was going to be too large to use even my largest black backdrop so I opted to do without and to use the background of Nana's house instead. I like the warm element that adds to the photos.

Enjoy your sneak peek everyone and sorry it was so long coming!

Kendall ~ Class of 2012 Senior Rep!

I had a good time meeting up with Kendall on the Portland Waterfront in early April to do her Senior Rep shoot. We took a few urban style photos on the Eastbank Esplanade, then walked across the bridge to where the Cherry Blossoms were in full bloom!!! I don't know what it is about those things. I love them. I could look at them all day; but they killlllll my allergies and kicked off what had been the start of a sneeze free season. Small price to pay, right? :)

Anyhow, Kendall is great. I went to school with her big sister Misty and have taken lots of photos of her little niece Khloe over the past year. She has big dreams and aspirations and definitely the spirit to achieve it all.

Enjoy your sneak peek and congratulations on your upcoming Senior Year! I look forward to working with you again.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Judá ~ 6 Days Old

Sweet baby Judá ... his Mama went into labor shortly after our maternity session last week and he came into the world weighing 7lbs 9oz at 4:49pm on April 23rd 2011. For as new as he was during our session today (not even a week old) he really wasn't all that sleepy... he wasn't fussy or anything, he just wanted to keep his eyes open and check everything out. He was even lifting up his head on his own and testing his strength to stretch out and push himself around. We will managed to get some great shots of both sleep and awake. I guess it's good that he is tough this early so he can keep up with that cute big brother of his. Welcome little Judá!

Enjoy your sneak peek Ruiz family! Congratulations on your second beautiful son!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mama's Love {Tulips Part III}

I met up with this little guy at the Tulip Fest for his 6 month photo session. Only problem was, he didn't really feel like having his close up that day. We got a few smiles early on, then it became apparent that this sweet boy was only going to be content if he was in his Mama's arms. In the end, I'm going to offer to redo his session because I didn't get nearly enough of him alone or smiling, BUT I am pleased with the sweet Mother & Son photos we got right in time for Mother's Day! :) Enjoy your sneak peek and I will mail Chris' little blue sweater with your CD!