Saturday, May 18, 2013

Spirit and Determination - Physique Photos

We've all heard me raving about my friend Corrine over at Cowgirl Cupcake, well turns out... her Mom is pretty awesome too! Recently Teresa competed in and won 2nd place for her division in the Emerald Cup fitness competition and wanted some photos of her taken to remember this time. I was happy to sponsor Teresa by documenting such a proud moment for her and her family! Holy smokes, can you say, "HARD WORK!?" The commitment and discipline it must take to get your body into peak shape like this (Um, especially when your daughter runs a ridiculously tasty cupcake business lol) is astounding. Great job Teresa and congrats on your big win!

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Jan said...

Wow she looks fantastic! I once took second place at the Emerald Cup too, so I know what it took for her to reach this state of physical perfection. Wish I'd had you, Becky, to take photos of me back in my day, all I have are some old snapshots. These are wonderful in the natural setting.